Tradeshow Graphic Printing, Mounting & Lamination

Banner Stands

Healdsburg Blue can provide you with an array of banner stands, from retractable to frame designs. We offer various sizes from small table top to six feet high and three feet wide.

Mounted Visual Boards

These boards are great for tradeshows, retail centers, and sporting events – any place where people will gather and walk around. They are custom designed and can be made up to 42" wide and 8' high. The beauty of using these boards is that they are rigid, yet lightweight. In addition, we can mount prints and images to each side of the board, maximizing the board's usage and exposure.

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The Clover Theater

The Clover Theater

Hanging Signage

If you have a special event or you would just like to hang a sign with your name or message, we can help you with designing and creating signage displays. We can also make large banners for special events, sporting events, grand openings or general information.

Poster Boards

Healdsburg Blue can provide you with an assortment of poster boards. We can have your message displayed on Foamcore, Gatorboard, Ecco board or Sintra. You can have a customized board to fit your needs; all we need is your file!

Easel Displays

Need an easel display for your special event, such as a wedding, lecture, or seminar? We at Healdsburg Blue have environmentally-friendly easels made from bamboo for you to use at your special event.


We at Healdsburg Blue can give your work a professional look. We offer mounting services on Foamcore, Gator Board, Ecco Board, and Sintra. Our boards range in thickness from 3mm for Sintra to 0.5' for Gator Boards and Ecco Boards.


We offer heated lamination with both gloss and satin finishes to give your work an additional pop, while at the same time increasing the life of your work. This type of lamination can be used for posters, construction documents, photos, marketing materials and much more. In addition, we can apply a cold lamination to your display to give it both protection and an enhanced look.

Local print work for our client Bonnie Hofkin of The Bonnie Lass Designs:

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